Monday, November 22, 2010

So you want to make your own christmas cards?

I know we all love to save money on things we think we can do our selves. I sure do. So this year I made my own Christmas card.

Now I am a advanced Photoshop user so don’t expect to be as good as me first try. But to help you out I will give you no fail tips on how to do a great layout for your christmas card.

Tip #

1. You need professional photos- Yes this cost money however you wont regret it. Ever. This is an investment, one that you will have for the rest of your lives, its memory’s. Aren’t those worth some of your cash? (In Utah? Check out my photographer Andrea Hanks!)

a. Best way to find a great photographer is friends, Facebook, and google. Everyone knows a photographer now-a-days, heck everyone thinks they are photographers.

b. Going to a portrait studio it is harder to get a photo release. You may have to pay so much for it that it may not be worth the price, just have them make them for you if this is the case. If its cheaper and you like what they can do, go for it. It will save you time anyway.

2. You need a photo editing program. I use Photoshop. You can download a free trial of it, my tutorial will be for this program. Go to Adobe’s website to download for free. If you use another program find a Tutorial for that one please.

3. You will need the ability to follow instructions. Yes I do need to put this here. I dont want 10,000 comments about how you couldn’t install the brush set or the pattern I gave you the link for. Or that you just cant seem to install Photoshop. If you can’t use a computer dont expect to be able to do this.

Lets Start!

Read More

.This link goes to my tumblr it is not a crazy link to something scary. I just dont want to double post it. Tutorial is all there!

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I have been so busy what with the dog the kids and school I start next week I think and the kids start next week as well.

I did fond a really great website for my dog though they have everything I need. and more.
You all know how much i love my puppy (not really a puppy anymore) he is the cutest thing.. lol but crazy well I need a few things to train him like treats and rewards I found a great site to get them for better prices then here at the stores..

20% off Wholesome Hide rawhides with code WHOLESOMEHIDE20>

Coupons for my friends for I love % off!
uuugg kids are on my case to take them and the dog to the park again. Now that the dog is better trained I can take him to the park with out having to worry about him running off to sniff everything he see's.
Off to the Park.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My trip

So much fun on the east coast!!

did all the things I wanted to and stayed in a room with a view of the Empire state building. Went to the top of the rock and ate pizza in little Italy as well as played games at a street carnival in little Italy.
had the best duck on planet in a Chinese place and had a Beef on weck in Buffalo as well as the wings at the original inventors place for the buffalo wing.
We had a blast in Toronto at the Science museum place natural history placey ma bob. It was super cool. so much fun was had by my self and my kids. the City of Toronto is CRAZY with the trafic OMG took so long to get from one place to another and I have never had to pay so many times for parking and so much EVERYWHERE charges for parking.
The food on the trip was super.
The trip was just hot and sticky but man was it fun I want to move to the east coast if only the could get weather like the Pacific northwest.
pictures still need to be taken care of but I havnt posted them anywhere so dont feel bad.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Road Trippin'

This is anouther help post. this one is more ergent.
Going on a trip to the East coast doing NYC, NY, Hartford, CT, and Toronto, ON. all in one trip.
here is our route.

So where should we eat. What should we do in these places.
First stop New York City. we are staying at the Hotel Penn. right across from Penn Station, and Madison Square Garden. we have tickets to the statue of librity and a play. but we have 3 days in NYC. where should we eat what should we do?

Next we Take the train to CT where we get a rental car (my idea I knew it would be crazy to rent a car in the city so told Jason to see about taking the train up CT and getting a rental car there. so much cheaper)

Now we are in Hartford, CT where Jason will be graduating the day after we arrive. We plan on having Steamed Hamburgers while here (a must from what i read) but where else should we go?
What should we do?

Albany.jpg Albany, NY image by EricCarrasquillo
Right after Jason's graduation we are heading right to Albany. Here we have NO TIME. so no info needed. one night then gone.

here we need help. We are leaving early the next morning for:
But the plan is to stop for a Beef on Weck and some Buffalo wings in Buffalo.
But where? We stay in Niagara for one night at a nice Hotel on the Canada side. then off to Toronto:
Here we are staying at a nice Westin (sort of its by the air port)
We have NO CLUE what to do here I just wanted to go to Canada and so did the kids. lol. so Zoo? or....?

after we leave Toranto its back to Buffalo to hop on a plane and head home.. man this is going to be fun!


Friday, May 14, 2010

re doing my daughters room I need Idea's

Gwyn's room before we moved in

This is her room before we moved in now it is pink and green and white striped. however she likes to destroy things so her walls are filled with stains and gashes. (I had just spent oh 7 hours fixing all the stains and gashes she got from her dads poor choice in headboards) She took a small screwdriver and gashed holes in the wall right next to her closet. right where the designs meet and I am just not in the mood to re-tape it all and fix the paint job its a huge deal. so I am thinking I will just do her walls different. (we used a flat paint the first time round and I really really regret it.).

This gives me a chance to Paint it right use a gloss and a primer. Maybe do a mural not sure.. I can paint I just dont usually have the energy to do things or stuff..

Ok now I need idea's.
Things I like-
here are some pictures
I love the colors on this one but the wall is not really what I was thinking for a soon to be 5 year old girl...

041210-caroline-2.jpgthis is just way to cute! But its paper.. I love that quilt though.
hmm it seems I like the rooms with the plain walls and the bright things. I just don't have the money for the things but could pull off a new paint job on the wall.
I love this one because it is just so girly and cute again the walls are plain and the colors around the room are the showy thing.. hmm. I think its time to work on a girly quilt for her room.. but I need colors first.

I think tomorrow I am going to make my self clean the house #1 then get that desk I have to finish painting done so I can pressure my husband into helping me paint Gwyn's room.
So people a little help with Ideas?

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ok so I finally started sewing that dress... but i bought the wrong thread for a sewing machine and ended up with quilting tread. GAAAH!

So now I have to go to the fabric store again.. this is never a good thing.. who knows what i will find.
I have coupons!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

been a busy bee.

Yet have nothing to show for it. "But levity" You say "its been weeks haven't you finished anything?" why yes I have finished a pint of Ben and Jerry's. It was yummy too.

I may or may not have started playing a online game that sucks you in and never lets you go. Yes people I have started playing WoW (thats World of Warcraft to the non gamers out there). Server is down now so off to sew i go.

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