Monday, November 22, 2010

So you want to make your own christmas cards?

I know we all love to save money on things we think we can do our selves. I sure do. So this year I made my own Christmas card.

Now I am a advanced Photoshop user so don’t expect to be as good as me first try. But to help you out I will give you no fail tips on how to do a great layout for your christmas card.

Tip #

1. You need professional photos- Yes this cost money however you wont regret it. Ever. This is an investment, one that you will have for the rest of your lives, its memory’s. Aren’t those worth some of your cash? (In Utah? Check out my photographer Andrea Hanks!)

a. Best way to find a great photographer is friends, Facebook, and google. Everyone knows a photographer now-a-days, heck everyone thinks they are photographers.

b. Going to a portrait studio it is harder to get a photo release. You may have to pay so much for it that it may not be worth the price, just have them make them for you if this is the case. If its cheaper and you like what they can do, go for it. It will save you time anyway.

2. You need a photo editing program. I use Photoshop. You can download a free trial of it, my tutorial will be for this program. Go to Adobe’s website to download for free. If you use another program find a Tutorial for that one please.

3. You will need the ability to follow instructions. Yes I do need to put this here. I dont want 10,000 comments about how you couldn’t install the brush set or the pattern I gave you the link for. Or that you just cant seem to install Photoshop. If you can’t use a computer dont expect to be able to do this.

Lets Start!

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.This link goes to my tumblr it is not a crazy link to something scary. I just dont want to double post it. Tutorial is all there!

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