Friday, January 8, 2010

Today is the day. My house is clean I have some Swiss Muesli in the fridge for my lunch later. I have the pattern I am going to use ready for tracing. I have my tracing fabric ready to go, and I have everything I need to make this dress. (I am going to skip the ribbon though I never like the way it looks when I do ribbon on things)

So off to Make this dress I go This is my first time using my new ottobre patters and its a test to make sure I have the right size picked out it was very hard to figure out, (freaking metric system in Europe).
I have to say the fabric I picked out for this is super cute. and it was on sale. I just hope it looks as cute once made as I think it will.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New layouts

Finding just the right layout is not easy and it is made harder when your computer freezes and wont work right when you are looking at free blogger layouts. I think I might really like this one for now. mind you I had also been woking in photoshop to make my own background for my own layout but that got lost as well in the big freeze up of '10.

Things are BREAKING all over my house. My computer where I do most of my work went "pphth" then Monday I am sick just vegging watching a bad movie when my T.V goes "phhhthhh hahahaha" and the screen goes black.

Today I am feeling better but not 100% I keep waking up super early cause I cant breath I woke before my alarm today that is just sad. My kids are driving me crazy and i have not eaten more then a few bites in days. I am feeling weak. So I will work on the few things I can while I am sick and get my patterns ready for sewing.


Why Hello internet, How have you been?

Gross and full of junk you say.. well that is the way of things it seems.

So why do I post again after so long you ask. Because I am going to start blogging about my sewing again that's why. You see I took a very long time off from sewing because sewing for etsy just took all the joy out of it for me.

I have my Joy back because I have inspiration from Ottobre the best design/pattern Magazine in the world (at least that I know but I only read English)

lots coming from me soon!

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