Thursday, December 6, 2007

I hope you all didnt miss me.
You know all my readers out there. Did you miss me? What I have no readers you say. well then never mind.

I need to go sew.
I will do that now.
maybe some pictures?
do you want pictures of me sewing?

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

wow shocker

cash advance

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Sewing a hat

So it took me 2 days but I am finished making the hat.
next tiem I make them it wont take as long.
its the pattern cutting that takes so long.
but this hat was very easy to make and it looks super cute on so lets see how we got here
What I hope to end up with

This is what we are starting with the pattern.

music to cut to
a little music to set the mood.

Scissor sisters and cutting
We take the pattern and cut it.

cut out fabric

we end up with some cut fabric. I am useing a high quality fleese fabric for these hats its warm and it sews well.

Music to sew too
A little music to set the mood for sewing

serging the hat

I then take the hat peices and serge the parts that need to be serged.

sewing the lining to the hat

final sewing of hat
then I sew the lineing to the outside.

sewing the brim
the brim again
then I make it look nice. lol.

Finished hat

And we end up with this.

there ya go
I didnt do a great job. but I did it.

Monday, December 3, 2007

The day

Today I will be working on Christmas gifts.
you see I took the buy hand made chalenge but cant aford to buy anything this year so everyone is getting hand made gifts this year.
that means aprons for the women
and hats and gloves for the little ones.
its a good thing my family likes it when I make them stuff. the kids love it. and who doesn't love a apron?
everyone does.

I will be making a few of those as well for my nieces. I have a pattern for boys ones as well and I will be making a boys one for my nephew.
Today though you will fallow the making of a hat.
from cutting the pattern to sewing the fabric.
that post coming up.

(man I am talking to my self no one reads my blog yet.
how do I get people to look at my blog?)

Sunday, December 2, 2007

my main work space
So I have this room all clean again.
tomorrow i will be making some pants and taking pictures as I go to post a tut on here.
its really very simple and easy. maybe i will work on my Christmas gifts and post pictures and a nice long blog entry about that.
That is what I really need to do I have so many things to make for gifts I have to finish my mother in laws gift then cut and sew a bunch of fleece hats.
I still have to make a few more shirts too.

so much work so little time.


moose albumen
What I want to be on the top of Google.

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sorry people been supper busy
cleaned like a bitch today and I am sick so that is fun
but my guest room is clean and so is my basement. even the floor in there is fairly clean

I should not watch Zombie movies.

I have said it 100000000 times don't let me watch zombie movies
I love them but HATE them too.
why do I feel I have to see every zombie movie that comes out.

I made a few pairs of pants too. I made a pair for my daughter this evening she looks cute. I made a pair for my son A on Friday.

ice cream and pants
them enjoying their new pants and their ice cream

check out my flickr for more photos and info

dont forget to check out my etsy as well I have custom children's pants for sale... So your kids can be as cool as mine.

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