Monday, December 3, 2007

The day

Today I will be working on Christmas gifts.
you see I took the buy hand made chalenge but cant aford to buy anything this year so everyone is getting hand made gifts this year.
that means aprons for the women
and hats and gloves for the little ones.
its a good thing my family likes it when I make them stuff. the kids love it. and who doesn't love a apron?
everyone does.

I will be making a few of those as well for my nieces. I have a pattern for boys ones as well and I will be making a boys one for my nephew.
Today though you will fallow the making of a hat.
from cutting the pattern to sewing the fabric.
that post coming up.

(man I am talking to my self no one reads my blog yet.
how do I get people to look at my blog?)


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