Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What to advertise with me?

Just 2.50 to be in my TopSpot over there.
thats right be at the TOP of my blog ad's be seen by thousands (thats right i have had over 1500 views in the last few weeks alone!)
My ad;s are clicked on a average of 3 times a day and those are just google ad's YOUR AD WILL BRIGHT AS DAY AND SEEN!
thats 2.50 for a month!
a whole month.
(this is a introductory price. goes to $5 for a month in just one month)

has it been a while?

sorry guys but I am a busy busy girl.

boy this was a lot of work I had to draft the pattern. I have been wanting to make one of these Mod shirts for soooo long but I just couldn't find a pattern so I sat down one day took my sweetish tracing paper and just did it made a pattern.
it took much longer to get it right, I must have worked on this shirt for on.. 2 days.


Great Stuff on etsy

Girly Goth (medium)
Punk Rock AIO cloth diaper (small)

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