Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My trip

So much fun on the east coast!!

did all the things I wanted to and stayed in a room with a view of the Empire state building. Went to the top of the rock and ate pizza in little Italy as well as played games at a street carnival in little Italy.
had the best duck on planet in a Chinese place and had a Beef on weck in Buffalo as well as the wings at the original inventors place for the buffalo wing.
We had a blast in Toronto at the Science museum place natural history placey ma bob. It was super cool. so much fun was had by my self and my kids. the City of Toronto is CRAZY with the trafic OMG took so long to get from one place to another and I have never had to pay so many times for parking and so much EVERYWHERE charges for parking.
The food on the trip was super.
The trip was just hot and sticky but man was it fun I want to move to the east coast if only the could get weather like the Pacific northwest.
pictures still need to be taken care of but I havnt posted them anywhere so dont feel bad.

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