Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I have been so busy what with the dog the kids and school I start next week I think and the kids start next week as well.

I did fond a really great website for my dog though they have everything I need. and more.
You all know how much i love my puppy (not really a puppy anymore) he is the cutest thing.. lol but crazy well I need a few things to train him like treats and rewards I found a great site to get them for better prices then here at the stores..

20% off Wholesome Hide rawhides with code WHOLESOMEHIDE20>

Coupons for my friends for Cherrybrook.com I love % off!
uuugg kids are on my case to take them and the dog to the park again. Now that the dog is better trained I can take him to the park with out having to worry about him running off to sniff everything he see's.
Off to the Park.

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