Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sharitaki Ramen/ spicy miso flavor

I lived in Guam for almost 3 years and was pregnant with my daughter while I lived there well she seemed to LOVE spicy Miso ramen cause its all I ever wanted when I was pregnant with her.

Now Ramen In Guam (or Japanese style) is not like the ramen you think of. You know that stuff you eat just to get by. College food, I am to broke to eat right food. NO while Ramen is still cheap in (for) Japan its is not freeze dried noddles with a cheap beef broth. It has many different styles and regional differences. Guam had a (what i understand to be) Tokyo style ramen. there was Soy flavor, miso flavor. Then it got to spice.. spicy soy, spicy miso, there was Chasu and non chasu (bbq pork slices) then there was the regional favorites like Kimchi ramen, and Taiwan style ramen, That was a spicy soy ramen with fried chilies and fried garlic.
My favorites?
Kimchi and Spicy Miso Chasu ramen.
I have been craving these ramens for ages but I am on a diet.. what ever to do?

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size 4 oz
Servings per package 2
Calories 20
Calories from Fat 5

Miso Paste? Very low cal and good for you.
put them together with about 15 Calories worth of kimchi, garlic fried in about a 1/2 tea of toasted sesame oil, home grown sprouts, Chinese hot sauce, Nori flakes and green onion.

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I just want to tell you now though if texture is a big deal for you and chewing on stuff with the firmness of very firm gelatin is not your bag use regular Ramen noddles.
This was so good and very close to what I was going for. The kimchi really did it for it. Its the element that had been missing before. What is still missing? PORK. ah pork my old friend how i miss you. I have been with out red meat for some time now and I miss it.
So for less then 90 Calories I have a HUGE lunch that taste like Guam.
I miss Guam... Ok I miss the food on Guam.
There will never be a better Thai restaurant then this HOLE in the wall "King and I" . If you are ever there look it up its behind a convenience store and next to a gambling bar.

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