Monday, June 2, 2008


Clock wise
Red rice (just white rice in ricer cooker with Goya cilantro and anatto packet)
black beans (canned black beans with a Goya ham flavored packet and a few other spices)
turkey loin (tequila lime flavor /store bought)
Soon I will post my Pollo con orzo pictures (last nights dinner)

A new shirt I made for my self. I think this is the first shirt I have ever made my self. Now I need to go get more of this knit fabric to make more for my self.
lol. What do you think?

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Had a great VACA

just got back we cleaned the hosue and now I am cleaning out my sewing room!
De-stashing my stuff. Here are just a few scrap peices fo fabric I have for sale right now. just $1.50 each with 50cent shipping

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