Friday, January 18, 2008

But mommy!

Gwyn didnt like her new dress.
She wanted another jumper.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Loads of patterns for sewing on sale at my etsy!

Ok here are just a few of what i have on sale right now at my etsy.


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I cant wait until I can teach my kids to sew!

I bet A.J will Like it more then his sister.
lol Jason will love that but a guy taht can so will so get way more girls.

new jumper for Gwyn

made Gwyn a Jumper yesterday.
it is green and brown right.. Whne i ironed the fabric it smelled like mint.. lol it looks like mint and smells like it.
anyway here is the jumper/dress.
I was made with a nice thick suiting fabric.. looks much cuter as a fabric then it does as a jumper.. now I dont think I will be using it to make my self a baby doll jumper its ok I havnt made my self anything since I first started sewing anyway.. lol. always mess up adult clothing really bad I will stick to children's clothing.

Project Runway!

Oh my oh my am I excited about Project runway?

Sort of...

what? this season isnt that good. The designers just dont seem to NEED it. They have no personality's they all kind of are Blah.. the only person I know shouldn't be there is Ricky.
[RickyLizalde_Episode7_6.jpg]oh shoot I made him cry

Sweet pea is the only person on the show I LIKE and I know she wont make it.
ah well.

If you dont already so check out
Project Rungay. Best blog about a reality show ever!

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