Saturday, January 5, 2008

My own Tutorial - XXL Mens Shirt into a dress

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Now I couldnt not have done this dress with a smaller shirt. (if you havnt seen it yet I got this Idea from this Tutorial)
Useing this shirt I was able to gather a skirt and make it nice and flowy.
We start like the old tutorial. BUt I just cut the top bit off. I didnt do it all in one piece like the other tutorial did so that i could gather the skirt. I also cut it to size after cutting this top part. so I was sure I had enough fabric.
this is the skirt. If you know how to sew you should know how to do a basting stitch. then just gather the faric to the same size as the top.... (what ever size your top is I use one of my daughters other dresses to size it.) I dont really have sizes for you but I would say the skirt before gathering is about double the size of the top

I then put the top right side to right side with the gathered skirt and sewed together I used my serger so it was strong. I then turned it right side out and pressed it > that is what it looks like after a pressing.

I then folded it in half and put it over the button part to make sure I had 2 sides about the same size I made the skirt part on my back a bit bigger so it would still be flowy.I added a 1/4th inch elastic to the back ( in two pieces) for a gathering effect and a better fit

Here I sewed it together and found it seemed a tad low cut for a 2 year old. so I took the collar I had cut off in the begining and gather stitched it
then right side to right side to right side again I sewed it on. Pressed it out.

Now this part I didn't get any pictures but I just took one of the shirt cuffs and cut in in half then hemmed it added some 1/4th inch elastic and made it gather a little I also had to add two buttons one to the top and one to where I put the elastic.
Here is what the back looks like.


the outfit

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