Thursday, January 3, 2008

New shirt dress

I again started with a mens shirt but this time I didn't really use the tutorial.
Little girls dresses are the easiest things on the face of the planet to make.
For this one I did a LOT of de-constructing of the shirt. I really should do a tutorial on how to do it. Maybe I will if enough people ask for it.

I did the top part like the old tutorial said to do it. but then I (because i had a mens xxl) took a HUGE bit of the shirt and did the gathering. to make the back I did it like this Tutorial says to do but I added a elastic to the part where the top meets the bottom so the back gathered a little like the front does and for a better fit. I used my serger to do the hem and I again used the cuffs for the straps but I lost one of the cuffs so I had to cut one cuff in half. I then sewed some 1/4 inch elastic into the strap so it had some stretch and gather.

There it is with the shirt I bought to go with it.
She was so excited while i was making it she called it her princess dress.


Mama Keith said...

Love this!! It is so cute.

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