Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Sewing a hat

So it took me 2 days but I am finished making the hat.
next tiem I make them it wont take as long.
its the pattern cutting that takes so long.
but this hat was very easy to make and it looks super cute on so lets see how we got here
What I hope to end up with

This is what we are starting with the pattern.

music to cut to
a little music to set the mood.

Scissor sisters and cutting
We take the pattern and cut it.

cut out fabric

we end up with some cut fabric. I am useing a high quality fleese fabric for these hats its warm and it sews well.

Music to sew too
A little music to set the mood for sewing

serging the hat

I then take the hat peices and serge the parts that need to be serged.

sewing the lining to the hat

final sewing of hat
then I sew the lineing to the outside.

sewing the brim
the brim again
then I make it look nice. lol.

Finished hat

And we end up with this.

there ya go
I didnt do a great job. but I did it.


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