Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New layouts

Finding just the right layout is not easy and it is made harder when your computer freezes and wont work right when you are looking at free blogger layouts. I think I might really like this one for now. mind you I had also been woking in photoshop to make my own background for my own layout but that got lost as well in the big freeze up of '10.

Things are BREAKING all over my house. My computer where I do most of my work went "pphth" then Monday I am sick just vegging watching a bad movie when my T.V goes "phhhthhh hahahaha" and the screen goes black.

Today I am feeling better but not 100% I keep waking up super early cause I cant breath I woke before my alarm today that is just sad. My kids are driving me crazy and i have not eaten more then a few bites in days. I am feeling weak. So I will work on the few things I can while I am sick and get my patterns ready for sewing.


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