Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A purse for me

I wanted something flashy to get people to notice my purse to ask me about it find out where i got it so I could say "Oh I made this would you like a card?"
so I took my sequined Corduroy fabric and some bright ribbon.

The fabric
We start with this the fabric. I like the colors mix's in it and I wear alot of brown.

designing the purse
Then I draw the design a pattern for me to cut. I never work with a pre-made pattern I let the fabric decide how it will look then I draw it right on the fabric and cut it.

Makeing a new bag for self

My basic design

I end up with this my basic design

I then serge it.

Then I make the pleats.


sew the pleats in

I then got to busy to take photos.
but here is what it ended up looking like.
and the new bag I just made


this one if for sale on my etsy.


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