Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Livejournal is down

So here i am making a post.. lol.
Why Prince WHY!??!!
I loved you once and now... you have thrown it all away!
in other news I am pro equal rights. if you cant tell.

I finished a nice baby shower basket this last week for a friends.
it had a receiving blanket a matching bib and a cute little reversible fleece outfit. for a new born. I also recovered my old boppy for her and knitted a ear warmer/head band, with a knitted heart on it. ( I threw in 2 pairs of socks because all winter babies need loads of socks.)

The coat did turn out a bit large for a new born but everyone agrees this is a good thing because baby grow so fast.
I have a feeling it will be usable for the whole winter with the new baby due in Mid December. Its super warm and SOFT!


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