Thursday, November 6, 2008

Make your own banner

Ok here are some resources for making your own banner these banners won't look as good as they would if you knew how to use Photoshop or owned it or if you bought them from one of the many people on etsy who make them for you but they will be passable.
From now on you can create free web banners with our banner generator. Why you ask? Well that's quite simple to answer! is the only totally free banner creator currently online!
There are alot of design programs you can use to make a banner (InDesign, QuarkExpress, etc.). This is a simple tutorial on using Microsoft Powerpoint to create a great shop banner.
I thought I'd show you how I made the new EtsyLabs banner. I'm not a trained graphic artist by any means but I love making banners, avatars, and general photoshopping! So here's the banner and the tips:

Don't forget I have some simple premade banners in my shop for cheap.
just $4.50 for a premade banner
I also do custom banners for a reasonable price.

also don't forget to search etsy for banners-

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