Friday, May 14, 2010

re doing my daughters room I need Idea's

Gwyn's room before we moved in

This is her room before we moved in now it is pink and green and white striped. however she likes to destroy things so her walls are filled with stains and gashes. (I had just spent oh 7 hours fixing all the stains and gashes she got from her dads poor choice in headboards) She took a small screwdriver and gashed holes in the wall right next to her closet. right where the designs meet and I am just not in the mood to re-tape it all and fix the paint job its a huge deal. so I am thinking I will just do her walls different. (we used a flat paint the first time round and I really really regret it.).

This gives me a chance to Paint it right use a gloss and a primer. Maybe do a mural not sure.. I can paint I just dont usually have the energy to do things or stuff..

Ok now I need idea's.
Things I like-
here are some pictures
I love the colors on this one but the wall is not really what I was thinking for a soon to be 5 year old girl...

041210-caroline-2.jpgthis is just way to cute! But its paper.. I love that quilt though.
hmm it seems I like the rooms with the plain walls and the bright things. I just don't have the money for the things but could pull off a new paint job on the wall.
I love this one because it is just so girly and cute again the walls are plain and the colors around the room are the showy thing.. hmm. I think its time to work on a girly quilt for her room.. but I need colors first.

I think tomorrow I am going to make my self clean the house #1 then get that desk I have to finish painting done so I can pressure my husband into helping me paint Gwyn's room.
So people a little help with Ideas?

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